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During World War I, the Bouvier des Flandres breed was nearly destroyed.  Flanders was devasted and dog breeding activity came to a stand still.  Most animals were abandoned and died, and others were acquired by the Germans.  World War II brought further hardship to the Bouvier breed where those breeding programs in France were similarly destroyed.  Bouviers were so valued by the Allies in both wars, who used them for pulling ambulance and supply carts, scenting the living wounded from the battlefield and sounding alarms, that the Axis shot Bouviers upon sight.  Because of the efforts of a few dedicated people, well-hidden dogs saved the Bouvier as a breed from extinction.

They have emerged intact with rustic appearance, courage, loyalty, heart and devotion to work. All of these traits combined with their intelligence and tremendous strength have resulted in today's Bouvier as guardian and defender..


Asha x Jock pups born Sep 16, 2016, check out the new puppies Page


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