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Lux, Duits, Ned Kamp Khane Monza


Neth Kamp Chotan Abissha Off the Eurisever


NL Du J Ch Abissha Essi Off the


Ned Ch Laroz-Unique v d Vanenblikhoeve


Du Kamp Minx-Inca v d Vanenblikhoeve


Unique-Geske v d Vanenblikhoeve


Ned Kamp Geske-Dustie v d Vanenbikhoeve


Am GCh Veros-Zennah v d Vanenblikhoeve


NED/DTS Kamp, VDH Ch Onyx Yascha


Neth Kamp Bronco-Windy v Molenhom


Cayoshka-Byou v d Vanenblikhoeve NHSB 1962063


Zennah-Faisca v d Vanenblikhoeve



NED/DTS Kamp VDH Ch Onyx Yascha v d Owelandt



Faisca-Penny v d Vanenblikhoeve



Neth Ch Penny-Mayby v d Vanenblikhoeve

Veros x Asha

Bred in August 2019, pups due in Oct 2019





BIS/BISS/Am Ch Ace's Indelible Mark, Am HT, AKC.DL91292602




Am GCH Int Ch Poker Face From the Dogsfarm, CGC, NHSB.2657151, 6295E24M-VPI, El2293M24-VPI, CA2248/25M/C-VPI





Zero One One From the Dogsfarm, NHSB.2516303



Lakotah's Bayou Hunter Biloxi v Fatima, AKC.DN27848702, PennHip 891801, BF-CA2393/12M/C-VPI





Am/Int Ch Sleeping Lady's Bladerunner, AKC.DL87537101




Am Ch Lakotah's Grace Like Rain Hopi, AKC.DN16995501





Am Ch Lakotah's Lake of Peace Zuni, CGC, AKC.DL89743002, OFA 5370G24F-PI, EL1471F24-PI, CA1412/17F/C-PI


Geta’s Asha v Fatima, DN39921601, PennHip 917522, OFA BF-CA2936/13F/C-VPI





Ch Hion-Roxette v Hogenbirk, NHSB21489451, ofa Hips HD-




Am Ch Lothar-Penny v d Vanenblikhoeve, Brindle, NHSB2609260, ofa 6134F24M-PI, EL2159M24-PI, CA1925/13M/C-PI





Penny-Maby v d Vanenblikhoeve, Brindle NHSB2363947



Ayla’s Geta v Fatima, CGC, Pepper and Salt, AKC.DN21576901





Iceman Santos From the Dogsfarm, Gray, AKCDL88711901, ofa 5000G24M-PI, EL1176M24-PI, CA1083/22M/P-PI, TH445/24M-PI, BF-1085




Can Ch Ayla’s Secret Ed v Fatima, CGC Salt & Pepper AKC.DL77977403, ofa 5661F24F-PI, EL1714F24-PI, CA1679/25F/C-PI, CERF: BF-1806





Can Ch Victorias Secret Ed v Fatima, CGC Salt & Pepper AKC.DL7797403, ofa 5661F24F-PI, EL1714F24-PI, CA1679/25F/C-PI, CERF: BF-1806





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