Thank you for inquiring about a puppy from Fatima Kennels. We are dedicated Bouvier lovers who participate in various dog related events and we breed occasionally to produce what we believe to be a quality Bouvier that conforms to the breed standard, are intelligent and able to do what the Bouvier was originally meant to do. We focus on doing all we can to produce physically and mentally sound dogs.

Through our membership in both local and national Bouvier clubs we are exposed to other points of view and educational programs, and we keep up on the rules and regulations governing these clubs. Through our constant contact with other Bouvier breeders all over the world we have the opportunity to share information and ideas concerning Bouviers

When we have puppies available we ensure that our puppies are only sold to loving committed homes and we do our best, through this questionnaire and other means, to ensure a good match between the personality of prospective owners and our puppies. Our puppies are all home raised and are well cared for and socialized during their time with us. Puppies going to a new home are not a trained, well-mannered finished product...they are puppies! They will have accidents and they will get into mischief, all part of being a puppy. We expect new owners to finish the job we have started and help their puppy become a mature, well-mannered Bouvier by being responsible for the further development of the puppy's personality through structured discipline, training, guidance and most of all, love

This questionnaire serves the purpose of helping us become better acquainted with the people inquiring about our Bouviers. It serves to present us with a more complete picture of what you are looking for in a dog and to help us match you as a potential buyer with a dog that will, ultimately, turn out to be what you are looking for. This questionnaire in no way constitutes a contract on our part that there will be a Bouvier des Flandres available for you, nor do your responses serve as the sole determinant of whether or not a Bouvier des Flandres will be offered.

All of our pet puppies are sold on a Limited Registration-without exception, which means that if the dog is bred, the resulting offspring will not be recognized or registerable with the AKC. Puppies sold as pet quality puppies are required to be spayed/neutered with no exceptions.

 Prior to taking the puppy home you will be given a copy of our "Puppy Pak", a wide variety of information on training and care of your puppy, a list of proper equipment and supplies to obtain prior to bringing your puppy home, a copy of the pedigree and a copy of our sales agreement. At the time you purchase your puppy you will be asked to sign a sales agreement. You will be given a copy of all applicable registration papers, health records and any other information we feel you may need.

As much as possible we evaluate each puppy's temperament and personality by observing them during their development. Thus, allowing us to match the puppy to the buyer to produce the best fit of puppy and family.

Please complete the following information and return the questionnaire to us at our e-mail address:

Or snail mail to:

Fatima Kennels, 3 Marshall Court, Stafford, VA 22554

1. Name (Required)

2. Street Address (Required)

3. City, Province/State, and Postal Code/Zip (Required)

4. E-mail address (Required)

5. Residence Phone Number (Required)

6. Work Phone Number

7. How did you find us? (Referral from another buyer, Breeder Directory, internet, etc.)

8. Your Age 18-40 41-60 60+

9. Do you have any children?

10. If so, what are their ages, and have they been exposed to dogs in the past?

11. Were there ever any problems with your children & dogs?

12. Do all family members agree on the addition of a Bouvier to the family?

13. If not, who is not in favour of getting a Bouvier and why?

14. Who will care for this dog if you should become incapacitated, temporarily or permanently?

15. Do you agree that, if for some reason you are unable to care for this dog, we will be contacted about its relocation and will have first right of refusal?

16. Do you own or rent?

17. If your home is a rental will your landlord be willing to sign a statement allowing you to keep a Bouvier?

18. How many hours will this dog be left alone per day?

19. Where will the dog be when no one is at home?

20. Does your family have enough "quality" time to devote to a dog?

21. Are you willing to take responsibility for this dog for the next 10 or more years?

22. How long did your last pet live and what were the circumstances of its death?

23. Have you ever returned a pet to the breeder?

24. If so, what were the circumstances?

25. Have you ever given a pet away?

26. If so, what were the circumstances?

27. Have you ever given up a dog to a shelter or pound?

28. If so, what were the circumstances?

29. How many dogs do you have now?

30. What breeds?

31. Have you owned Bouviers before, and how recently?

32. What are your reasons for choosing one now?

33. Are you aware of the socialization needs of a Bouvier puppy and do you feel you are capable of providing for these needs?

34. Do you have pets other than dogs, and what are they?

35. Is your yard fenced or do you have a fenced enclosure for the dog? If you answered "No" to the last question, how to you intend to exercise this puppy?

36. How large and of what type is the enclosure?

37. Do you let your dogs run loose?

38. Do you intend to house your dog in your home as a family member?

39. Have you ever used a crate to confine your dog?

40. What area(s) of interest would you like to pursue with your Bouvier? Working stock, conformation, obedience, agility, pet/companion, gift, watch dog, breeding, trick dog (please list all applicable)

41. Have you ever shown in conformation, obedience? If yes, where and to what extent?

42. If you are interested in breeding this dog, what are your reasons for breeding?

43. Are you willing to enroll this dog in at least one structured obedience class?

44. Are you willing to travel to Virginia to meet the dam of the puppies?

45. If travel is impossible (and we do understand that it is in some cases) would you be willing to allow a home visit from one of our friends in your area?

46. Please give us two references of people that know or have known you and your pets.

47. Please give us the number of the local agency in your area that handles dog complaints.

48. AKC Registration applications for all Bouviers placed as pets will be held by us until we have been provided proof of spaying or neutering. Do you have any reservations about this policy? If yes, please tell us about your reservations

49. Are you aware that Bouviers are a large breed full-coated dog that requires weekly, sometimes, daily if we take that occasional romp in the fields, grooming?

50. Please provide the name, address and telephone number of your veterinarian (or one who has worked with you in the past) as a reference.

Further Comments

We would like to thank you for taking the time to fill in this on-line questionnaire form. The idea behind these questions is that, knowing the pups temperament from day one, we may see different things in them than you would as a stranger attempting to pick one. In this way we may be better able to guide you toward a puppy which realistically suits your experience, needs and goals.

We make every effort to ensure that our puppies are free from any inherited defects, by screening our breeding stock for those problems common to our breed. If, at any time, your Bouvier is diagnosed with any health problems, genetic or otherwise, we must be notified immediately of the full details so that we can make every effort to help with the situation.



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